Guidelines for Steering Committee

Guidelines for Steering Committee

  • The steering committee consists of the program chairs of three ESA conferences and of four elected members.
  • Program chairs serve for three years. The program chair of ESA (x) becomes a member of the steering committee at ESA(x-1) and retires at ESA(x+2).
  • There are four elected members. Their term is four years.
  • The committee elects its chairperson.

Guidelines for the ESA Conference

Available as a pdf file.

Guidelines for the ESA Test-of-Time Award

The ESA Test-of-Time Award would like to recognize paper(s) from ESA Procs. from 19-21 years prior (i.e., in year X papers from Procs. ESA X-21, ESA X-20, ESA X-19 are considered) that have best met the “test of time”. Only for the first year, the ESA Test-of-Time Award 2015 considered papers from Procs. ESA 1993, ESA 1994, ESA 1995, ESA 1996.

The winner of the ESA Test-of-Time Award is selected by a committee of three members, appointed by the ESA Steering Committee. The prize may be shared by more than one paper, and the Award Committee reserves the right to declare no winner at all.

All papers from given years are eligible for the award, except those that are authored or co-authored by members of the Awards Committee. Although the Award Committee is encouraged to consult with the theoretical computer science community at large, the Award Committee is solely responsible for the selection of the winner of the award. All matters relating to the selection process that are not specified here are left to the discretion of the Award Committee.

Previously selected papers and Award Committees